Protecting Your Home Health/Care Investment

Building a successful home health care agency takes a tremendous amount of commitment, determination, and resources. In addition, there is a financial investment that comes with a certain amount of risks that should not be taken lightly. With so much at stake, it is crucial to protect the most valuable element of your agency – the clients who trust you to provide care and comfort in their homes. Medicare recently implemented major changes related to Emergency Preparedness Training and your responsibility as an agency owner. The changes are extremely important in maintaining accountability standards and ensuring compliance to federal regulations. Below are seven reasons why Emergency Preparedness Training should be an essential part of your agency’s annual plan:

1. Medicare/Medicaid now requires all providers receiving payments to participate in live training with a facilitator effective November 15, 2017. In addition, participating in a mock drill is no longer optional as demonstrating proficiency to an emergency situation is critical.

2. Statistics indicate approximately 50% of businesses don’t survive a major natural disaster. In view of the dismal odds, being proactive by registering for this powerful training indicates superior management skills along with going the extra mile to ensure patient safety.

3. Protecting patients is the primary objective of all responsible home health care agencies. While providing quality personal care remains the focal point, protecting patients’ personal belongings and assets is equally important. This includes family heirlooms, jewelry, important documents, collectibles, and even pets.

4. Ensuring the safety of staff members and their families allows agencies to provide continuity of care to those dependent upon them. Having a well informed staff gives agency leaders the confidence to delegate responsibilities during times of community distress.

5. Maintaining an image of professionalism is vital to the long term success of an agency. Compliance with all state and federal regulations is an essential component of building the image you desire.

6. Nothing is worse than being caught off guard when an earthquake, hurricane, tornado, or flood strikes. Investing in the Emergency Preparedness Training course eliminates the element of surprise in the event the unspeakable happens. In addition, the death of an owner or key manager can be devastating as well when a business is not prepared.

7. Top agencies are defined by their level of organization and cohesiveness, from top to bottom. There should be a single message of unity that permeates your agency. That message is one that supports the highest professional standards and is dedicated to serving its clients.