Protect Your Staff From Workplace Violence

Due to the American Constitution, America is the land of “Killing Fields”. Everyday somewhere here in the US we read or hear about School shootings and Workplace violence. Unless there are new laws put into place to protect the American people, employers need to start training their staff on how to protect themselves and their co-workers without the use of another gun.

Here are some tips that may help:

1. Train your managers and staff on how they can prevent issues from arising that could place them in dangerous situations. This could be as simple as knowing and maybe changing the “culture of the” office. Is your agency known to have gossip flowing freely throughout the office?

2. Make sure the employee’s evaluation is objective, honest, has other direct supervisor’s input, and done in a timely manner. This could prevent an angry employee.

3. Be sure to make all employees know how well they are doing on the job, and if they are struggling to fit in, they offer them more training, or support to help them succeed on the job.

4. Are there employees who feel they are being targeted, harassed, or over worked and others aren’t. Is there a “Bully” at your place of business who have not been dealt with? Is there sexual, or racial harassment present?

5. Know your staff and build a relationship with your staff!

6. Develop a plan for “Active Shooter” on site. Where are the nearest exits, who should be a security monitor? This monitor observe all vendors, and staff without frisking them. They are just more aware of who is doing what. Be aware of “the signs” prior to an employee becoming a shooter.

7. What are the key roles of your management team if an active shooter is in your office or building?

8. Are there surveillance cameras on the premises, and do they work?

9. Does each office space have locks so staff can lock themselves in their office until the police arrive?

10. Once police arrive, have staff place their hands in the air or on their heads to indicate they are not a threat.

11. Practice a plan that is best for your agency.

12. Make sure staff knows exactly how to tell the police where they are located or where the shooter is located in your office or building.

Planning and preparing is Key in keeping as many people safe in the workplace.

To your success,