A Brief Introduction To Insulation And Insulated Garments

What is insulation and what kind of impact it has on the clothes’ performance? Why do we feel warm and cozy after wearing an insulated jacket? The insulation mechanism does not create heat; it traps the heat and maintains temperature. Insulated clothes reduce the transfer of heat released by our bodies. The prime purpose of insulated clothing is to provide wearer protection against cold.

Clothing plays a crucial role in protecting wearer’s body by controlling heat transfer. People who live in areas where the temperature falls to an unbearable level have to wear insulated clothes in order to keep their bodies warm and protected against weather. Workers have to wear insulated coveralls, jackets, and other garments in order to perform their duties effectively and safely. The question is how our bodies lose heat? Following are two of the major channels through which we lose body heat in the cold.


Our body releases heat to almost everything it touches. This is why a couch gets warm after you have sat on it for a while. Water can absorb the heat of a body 25 times faster than the air. This is the reason why it is important to stay dry in cold weather.


Convection refers to the movement of heat from one place to another by the movement of fluids. Air can also steal heat from our body. One of the functions of insulated jackets is to stop air from penetrating the clothes.

The insulated clothing offers a number of benefits including protection against air, snow, wind, etc. It also helps workers mitigate the effects of injuries. Following is one of the benefits of using quality insulated garments.

Built-in breathability

A thick layer of clothes can trap air; thus, making it difficult for sweat to evaporate. This is where technology comes into play. The modern insulated garments maintain the temperature while retaining a degree of breathability. They are manufactured by combining low-density knit with high-loft fibers. So you do not have to wear a combination of clothes in order to stay warm while performing duties at a workplace. Here are some of the examples of insulated workwear garments:

  • Insulated coveralls
  • Insulated bib pants
  • Insulated coats

You can find a variety of insulated workwear depending on your needs and the nature of work. As mentioned earlier, insulated clothes not only warm you up but also provide protection against workplace hazards. Make a good use of insulated clothes and protect yourself against environmental conditions.