Why You Want (and Need) to Become “REMARK”Able… Starting the Journey

For those of you who have heard me speak or read some of my blog posts and other musings, this will be an emphasis for you and a deeper dive into what I believe is perhaps the biggest thing that can change your life and/or your business in the New Year. I don’t say this lightly… but I know it can happen for you… if you truly want to change your life and your business forever.

For those of you who are new to my blog (and other writings) and my passion of helping you grow personally or your company, welcome to the JOURNEY! I refer to this as a journey because there is never an ending… it just gets better and better the longer you are on the Journey. Becoming “REMARK”able is what this Journey is all about… and it will just get better and better every day. And here’s the big bonus…

You don’t ever want your Journey of becoming “REMARK”able to ever end… because it gets more fun and rewarding the longer you are on the Journey.

And you never want this journey to end because it would mean you stop your desire to becoming more “REMARK”able every day going forward. Quite honestly, it’s a drug. Once you start on this journey you literally don’t ever want to turn back… it’s addicting because it is so rewarding… personally and professionally.

For some of you, this concept may be new or need of bit of refreshing so you fully understand what it means to become “REMARK”able. Allow me to share with you briefly what it actually means to become “REMARK”able.

I’m sure you noticed by now how I emphasize the word “REMARK” as part of the word “remarkable.” I believe this is the most important part of the overall word because it so accurately describes the essence of what I believe will change your life and your business. The word “remarkable” can mean “amazing and stupendous” or other such exciting words. And while this sounds great, it isn’t the primary focus I want you to think about when you hear the word. I want you to focus on a very key component of the word, “REMARK.” Essentially, it says you are “saying something to someone… you are making a “remark” to them.” This one aspect of the word is what I want you to focus on when you think about becoming a “remarkable” person or company… someone that others will remark about or say something about. This gives you something everyone has envied and coveted since the beginning of time… to be talked about positively by someone else… someone who is trusted and credible.

If this sounds a lot like “word-of-mouth” you are on the right track. But becoming “REMARK”able is taking word-of-mouth to an entirely new level… it’s putting word-of-mouth on steroids! It’s about creating “excited and passionate Advocates” who “proactively tell others about you.” They literally go out of their way to tell others about you because you are someone they completely trust, go out of their way to help you, and do it in a way that gives you an incredible experience. These are the components that turn them into Advocates where you are top of mind.

At the heart of becoming “REMARK”able is being Customer Obsessed. The path to becoming “REMARK”able day in and day out over your life or the life of your business starts with the desire to be Customer Obsessed. When your entire focus is on your customers (as it should be), you are able to do things for them that your competition isn’t even thinking about or only dreams they could do… but they can’t and you can. It’s being so “dialed in” to your customer that you know what is going to delight them and “make their day” with every interaction. It is like being in sync with your customer and knowing what they need and want even before they know. It’s making different decisions that are “customer focused” and centered around putting your customers interests ahead of everything else. It’s simply being “all in” with the one group that gives you money, your customers.

For me, this all started over two decades ago… even before I wrote my first book, “Creating and Delivering Totally Awesome Customer Experiences.” It actually started in my early childhood when I worked in my dad’s business in Utah (you can read more of my story on my website). In essence, he did everything I talk about in The “REMARK”able Triangle (you can learn more about it on my website) without even knowing about it (since I created in the beginning of this past decade). And by all accounts, he was “REMARK”able and his business was “REMARK”able.

Becoming “REMARK”able is a simple concept… it is simply “getting others to “remark” (talk) about you to others.” Simple, right? It is becoming someone (or a business) that others go out of their way to tell others about you or your business. It’s becoming someone (or a business) that others can’t wait to tell others about because you are so incredibly awesome, incredible, spectacular, amazing, or a host of other powerful adjectives to describe you and/or your business. And they do it “proactively” without being asked or bribed. Let me emphasize this last piece again… without being asked (for a referral or recommendation) or being bribed (offered incentives to say good things about you). They do it all on their own because they love interacting with you and/or your business. That’s what it means to become “REMARK”able!

Ask yourself one simple question, “Do the majority of people I know go out of their way to tell others they need to meet me, without me ever asking them to do it (asking them for a referral)?” Or if you are a business, “Do the majority of your customers come from others telling them they need to work with us without us asking them to do it (asking them for a referral)?” If the answer to these questions is a resounding and unequivocal YES, you may very well be Customer Obsessed and well on your journey to becoming “REMARK”able. If the answer is NO or I DON’T KNOW, then you most likely aren’t Customer Obsessed and haven’t become “REMARK”able… yet.

Do you want to be on this journey?

If you answered NO, then I apologize for making you read this far… you can stop now and ignore everything I have just shared. Sorry about wasting your time.

If you answered YES or I WANT TO KNOW MORE, then you have just begun your journey. This article is the start of your journey, whether you knew it or not. From today forward, you will want to follow and read my blog, articles, and new book coming out the first quarter of 2020. You will also want to listen to my podcasts (starting soon) and watch the videos (starting soon) where I talk about why you want to be Customer Obsessed and become “REMARK”able. I will also share a lot of examples and stories of companies who are (and why they are) and those who aren’t (and why they aren’t) along with helpful tips of what you can do to help you better understand this differentiating strategy of how you become “REMARK”able. I will share more stories with you about what it’s like and what it takes to become “REMARK”able. I will also share what others are saying about the different components you will need along your journey to become “REMARK”able.

The more we can all learn together, the faster and deeper our journey (and the results) will be as we all become more “REMARK”able than we were yesterday. And the beauty of this entire journey is one where NO ONE WILL EVER COMPLAIN about you becoming more “REMARK”able… they only complain when you aren’t.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will join me on this journey… it’s going to be awesome. Welcome aboard… your journey just began! Stay tuned for much more on this incredible approach to changing your business and yourself to be someone others “REMARK” about. And if you boil this all down to ONE THING at the end of the day, it’s becoming completely and uniquely DIFFERENTIATED in the eyes of your customer (and others). You will no longer look like anyone (or any other business) going forward. You will stand out… lead your industry or peers. You will be talked about as being unique and different in the eyes of your customers, your audience, and your peers. I believe that’s enough to help you achieve much more success tomorrow than you already have today!

Be Customer Obsessed… become “REMARK”able!