Find Success And Simplify Your Life How To Select Your ONE WORD For 2020 – Free Printable Worksheet

One Word vs New Year Resolutions

Do you select New Year Resolutions each year? Or maybe you choose One Word for the Year? I’ve done both and I prefer choosing One Word!

Resolution Definition – A firm decision to do or not to do something. The thing about resolutions is that they sound simple. But, changing behavior is difficult.

Unless you write your resolutions and then keep them, resolutions may even be forgotten before February. Alternatively, if you were to select One Word, keeping that word in your memory is much easier than resolutions.

According to Statista top New Year Resolutions in the United States include:

Eating Healthier

Exercising More

Losing Weight

Saving Money

Learning a New Skill or Hobby

Be More Successful in 2020

Unfortunately, resolutions that are made at the beginning of the year are NOT kept. Studies have shown that approximately 75% of resolutions do NOT make it to February. Yikes!

Instead of creating a resolution that you won’t keep and you won’t even remember, select a Word of the Year instead!

A Word of the Year is a fun way to set your theme for the year. Your word is a guide that can

Set a Theme for the Year

Keep You Focused

Create Positive Change

Keep You Aware of Your Intentions

In 2015, I was first introduced to the Word of the Year concept. I’ve actually enjoyed each word and what it represents to me. Many mornings I will think of my One Word and what it means for me that day.

It’s essential for your One Word to have meaning to you. This is not a word for anyone else.

This is a list of the One Words that I’ve chosen for the past 5 years:

2015 – Bold

2016 – Action

2017 – Committed

2018 – Today

2019 – Love

2020 -?????

If you need help in selecting your One Word – I’ve got you covered!

I’ve discovered that in only 3 simple steps, you can select One Word as your theme of the year. My One Word Worksheet is EXACTLY what I use when selecting my word of the year. I hope that you find it helpful for YOU –

One Word vs Resolutions

– Resolutions DON’T WORK

– One Word is SIMPLE to remember

– One Word keeps you FOCUSED

– One Word can apply to your PROFESSIONAL AND PERSONAL life

This Worksheet Saves You Time

– 3 Steps Only

– Easy to Follow

– Fill in the Blank Format

– Printable

You need One Word in 2020!