A Case Study: Increasing Sales With Something Different

As a sales manager or business leader, I know you’re thinking about your business goals for the coming year. In the spirit of fulfilling your purpose and achieving your goals, I wanted share with you a case study that shows how meditation can help you accomplish your goals.

Case Study

Sabrina was a 52 year-old sales executive who presented as a very elegant and experienced woman, but she felt she had a need to improve her self-esteem and confidence in presenting to her superiors. She’d been in sales about 15 years and had done well enough to receive promotions, but wanted to improve. Sabrina felt that her lack of confidence in presenting to higher-up clients had cost her some sales. In an effort to help her improve, Sabrina’s company contracted for her to receive training and as part of this, she learned basic meditation.

They wanted to have her to build her sales and confidence. She learned skills that taught how her to identify her own personal business muse, go into a relaxed meditative state, and vision what she wanted to accomplish. By the 5th training, Sabrina was feeling so much more confident that her sales increased significantly. She realized that by the first quarter, she even exceeded her quota by 106%, which had never happened before. Yes, that is correct, she exceeded her quota by 106% by learning to do daily meditation. Part of Sabrina’s work was to feel, during meditation, a sense of being connected to the right places and people. This connected with her desire to build her social and professional network, which the meditation state of confidence helped.

Sabrina noted after learning meditation, she went to a trade show and connected with several doctors at the trade show to present her products. Her creative unconscious prompted her to connect with more reciprocal social groups. When she came out of the meditative state, she would note or identify two groups she wanted to connect with each week. She chose two possibilities each time and would attend those meetings. From doing this exercise or process then she connected with more potential clients and found another healthcare provider that had a need for her products. This goes to show you that meditation can help you make optimal decisions and induces synchronicity in your business decisions. Then, you can really be at the right place at the right time. This basic meditation state is one that everyone can easily learn to reach – it’s similar to the state you get in when you ‘zone out’ while doing something mellow like driving for a long steady distance.