Student CV

The challenge for any student or graduate when compiling a student CV can simply be how to fill in the gaps when you don’t yet have the level of experience that an employer may be looking for. Don’t be disheartened, be creative. You can still create a very impressive and professional Resume by following a very simple Resume format to help you stand out from the many job seekers and graduates.

There can be literally thousands of students and graduates applying for the same graduate level position or looking to make their start in pursuing their chosen career path.

You might consider using a student or graduate CV if:

– You’re still at school, college or university

– You’ve recently finished a full-time course

A lack of practical work experience can be a challenge for university graduates. Focusing on academic achievements, demonstrated capabilities and work placements lets you show that you have professional strengths and skills without highlighting your lack of formal work experience. Your student CV needs to reflect this and most importantly highlight not only your academic achievements but also reveal the practical skills you have learned and applied from your studies.

By also including a marketing statement you can create a synergy together with your academic strengths and your personal attributes that gives the prospective employer an insight into your initiative and enthusiasm in stepping into your chosen path.

The most important things to include in your student CV and professional Resume should include:

– Key skills and capabilities you have developed while studying

– Your education, including achievements that demonstrate your skills and capabilities

– Personal attributes and examples that show how you have applied these attributes

– Any work placements you have undertaken as part of your studies

– Any volunteer positions that demonstrate your skills and attributes

– A written testimonial that demonstrates your ability to transition from study to full-time work

Just like creating any type of professional resume and especially the case in a student CV, make sure that your Resume layout is simple and effective. A simple Resume will be clear and concise and should not drag on for more than 2-3 pages. If it does it may simply be that too much information has been shared. In order to keep it as a functional Resume be sure to only include the above key information in your Resume layout.

Just remember that although you may lack in practical work experience DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED!!! Many employers will look at your application as an opportunity for someone with the right work ethic and initiative to join their mission and bring a young new fresh and exciting outlook into the business. This is why it is so important that you do not overwhelm the reader by trying too hard to sell yourself with a bombardment of information but in fact is a functional Resume that shares your excitement to enter the chosen career path and begin your journey!

We wish you every Success in your next steps towards your future!