How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Grocery Delivery Mobile App

“Ah thank God… the groceries are delivered right on time – all thanks to my grocery delivery app”. We breathe a sigh of relief when we have such handy mobile apps to accomplish petty household things like grocery shopping. Especially in the Covid19 situation, where we want that there is bare minimum exposure, these grocery delivery mobile apps are blessings in disguise.

According to a recent survey by CNBC, grocery mobile apps are set to rise by 50% and online grocery sales have increased and expected to rise by 20% in recent years

Recent Expansion In The Grocery Delivery Industry

Consumers still prefer visiting grocery shops and buying groceries that they required for their daily needs. However, there is an upsurge of the on-demand mobile apps, grocery delivery mobile apps are thriving for the COVID pandemic being the primary reason.

Other reasons include:

It is too time-consuming waiting in the long queues

  • Grocery supermarkets are crowded places especially during weekends and holidays hence for the working professionals it becomes a hassle to shop grocery from the store
  • Most of the time, we tend to shop unwanted items out of temptation which is another reason for the rising grocery bills

The E-grocery business is nowadays a growing business because of Covid-19. Your business can be highly beneficial by developing a grocery mobile app. Let us review some of the latest statistics facts about online grocery stores:

· It is forecasted that about 30 million users prefer using grocery mobile apps by the year 2022

· The online grocery sales in the year 2019 were 22 billion which is estimated to cross 30 billion by 2021. According to the business insider, 10% of the consumers does online grocery shopping every day

If you are considering developing a grocery app this is the perfect timing to grab the opportunity. Brands like Instacart, Amazon, Publix, PeaPod, FreshDirect, Farmigo, and Costco also have joined the race for the grocery app development.

Additional benefits that your business get with your own branded online grocery mobile app:

· Reduced overheads

· Enhance customer loyalty

· Increases convenience

· Better inventory and order management

· You get to analyze your consumer’s shopping patterns

· Boost your brand awareness

· Provide a wide range of products and brands

Revenue Model Of Market Leader’s Online Grocery App

Online grocery shopping is a suitable option for busy professionals. Also, in the COVID-19 situation grocery delivery is the best option to avoid infection exposure.

Before developing the mobile app, it is important that you gather info and review the online grocery app of market leaders which can help you get a fair view, knowing loopholes to avoid.

Walmart grocery delivery

Walmart is a leading grocery super market of the USA. Perhaps it is one of the biggest growing online delivery services globally. Currently, it is providing services to more than 1500 cities worldwide.

How the grocery app model works

The customer either has to download the app or can do the ordering through the website. The items are ranged categorizing seamlessly for easy and quick ordering.


· It offers a free pickup option once you have selected the slot.

· The delivery fee is negligible

· It offers subscription functionality offering unlimited grocery for just $13

· The delivery slots are available 24 / 7 /365


Amazon is one of the biggest competitors of Walmart. Amazon not only delivers grocery but provides the customer with a wide range of products that includes house-hold, electronics, apparels, OTC pharmacy, cosmetics, footwear, gardening, toys & games etc.


· Amazon offers a wide range of benefits on Amazon Prime membership

· The biggest benefit is it offers delivery on the same day, perhaps in less than 2 hours

· The products/grocery can be returned if not liked – no questions asked

· It charges minimal delivery fee/charges


It is a grocery delivery and pickup service provider which now covers about 85% of US household.


· It charges $99 for annual membership

· The delivery charges are very nominal – it varies on your cart amount

· The delivery is made free on the order above $35

· The mobile app comes equipped with the “on-demand” order feature and “advance ordering” feature allowing you to choose your convenient time-slot

Must-Have Features In Your Online Grocery App

· Easy signup process/ Social authentication

· Products listing

· Smart search

· Grocery shopping reminders

· Discounts & offers

· Delivery scheduler

· Delivery tracking

· Quick reorder/ repeat order

· Add to cart option

· Push notifications

· Varied payment options

· Reviews and feedback

Cost Of Developing Grocery Delivery App

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to developing a grocery delivery app and based on that the cost is determined. Creating a rich featured grocery delivery mobile application is a complex process, the overall cost is evaluated determining the complexity of the app nature and other primary factors such as:

· Mobile app platform

· App design

· Must-have Features

· App size

· Positioning tracking

· Advance and external features

· My cart features

The Rough Estimation Of Grocery Delivery Mobile App Are:

For forming a reasonable app, with the limited features and android coding, the cost involves:

· Technological documentation -$500 to $1500

· UI/UX Design- $2000 to $3000

· Front-end and Back-end development- $7,000 to $ 25,000

· QA and testing- $1500 to $5000

Considering overhead costs, a regular grocery delivery will cost up to $15,000 to $30,000 for a single platform.

Closing Thoughts

COVID-19 is going to stay for long. Consumers are turning to online grocery delivery shopping app instead of visiting the store personally. Otherwise speaking, it is totally time-saving, convenient, and quick to do the grocery shopping.

If you are planning to develop a grocery delivery app, now is the right time. However, you will be required to do research and study the forerunners’ revenue models like Instacart.

Being a mobile app development company, we decided to write this blog post and provide you with informative insights and features that you should have in your mobile app