Covid Vaccine: Employer Decisions – Are Employers Being Tricked?

There are a number of things that you, as an employer, simply will not know unless you have taken the time to go to various seminars, listen to various whistle-blower-type health experts, and dig out some information about the vaccine.

This article will shine the light on information you may or may not know.

The vaccine was instituted under emergency authorization. This is the only way they could get it to the public.

If hydroxycholoquine could have been used as a preventative, they couldn’t have forced this vaccine through. This is why hydroxycholoquine was fought so much. Hydroxycholoroquine actually has been successfully used for years, but this was not reported to the public. Instead, hydroxychloroquine was cast in a negative light.

In any case, this “vaccine” was pushed through. It actually is not a vaccine. A successful vaccine will create immunity. This does not. This is a modified RNA (mRNA) shot. It affects the DNA.

While there are some detailed explanations from whistleblower doctors as to how this works, there is still a certain degree of unknown territory regarding all its effects. It does things to the body and they really do not know the full extent of all that could happen as it did not go through typical clinical trials.

There were warnings not to use it, but it was pushed through anyway. We have seen some drastic reactions ranging from death to paralysis to bleeding to miscarriages and more.

The purpose of this article is not to discuss all of the reactions. The purpose of this article is to encourage employers to listen to this approximately 1/2 hour video of an attorney discussing the problem of mandating the vaccine.

This is an experimental vaccine and law covering it goes back to the Nuremberg Code. There are various details related to that, but watch the video to learn more. It is necessary to get educated on the law. It is necessary to do more than just read this article, it is really necessary to educate yourself with the video and other related information.

The bottom line from a business management point of view is this. The drug companies are not liable for any adverse reactions. But employers can be liable if they mandate the vaccine. And if you, the employer don’t know that, you can be tricked into taking on a liability that even the drug companies are not willing to take.

It’s really imperative that you take the time to listen to this video before making any decisions about mandating the vaccine. Learn and think before you act.