81 Phrases & Words You Must Avoid In Your Resume

Among the best phrases I have read on various Resumes – This one stands out

“I am an innovative problem solver with a proven track record of extensive entrepreneurial experience motivated by results-oriented approaches which adds to my dynamic personality and demonstrates my ability to be a team player in a fast-paced work environment. Which is why I know I am a perfect fit for your company.”

Find anything odd?

Well this wouldn’t be the first or the last one you would get to read if you are in the industry I am in.

Here are some more overused phrases on Resumes.

The reason to avoid them is because they have lost their freshness due to being overused by too many individuals – especially those who copy / paste from the internet.

See if you have used any, and if you have, make it a point to change it.

1. Ability to Handle Pressure

2. Able to work in a Fast Pace Environment

3. Exceeded all productivity goals for the department.

4. Exceptional at Multitasking

5. Expert presenter, negotiator and businessperson

6. Having Superlative Adjectives

7. Including but not limited to – makes the phrase redundant dummy!

8. Introduced new products.

9. Lead a Team

10. Managed cross-functional teams

11. My Ambition is to climb at the top of the corporate ladder

12. Partner with others.

13. Possess 15 years experience in…

14. Possess leadership & communication Skills

15. Possess motivational and inspirational skills.

16. Praising to Perfection

17. Proven Track record of success.

18. Quick Learner

19. Resolved customer difficulties quickly and tactfully.

20. Results Oriented Person

21. Saying Resume on your Resume

22. Spoke with existing customers on a daily basis.

23. Stating the Obvious – Reference Available on Request

24. Stating what you were ‘responsible’ for

25. Strong communication

26. Strong customer service and organizational skills.

27. Taking about your Duties

28. Team player

29. Thrives in XYZ Environments

30. Took decisions on behalf of the management

Also avoid these 51 words if possible as they overused quite frequently.

1. Ability to (something)

2. Analytical

3. Attention to Detail

4. Best-in-class

5. Coaching

6. Creative

7. Dependable

8. Detailed-oriented

9. Drafting

10. Driven

11. Duties

12. Dynamic

13. Effective (something)

14. Energetic

15. Ensuring Maximum (something)

16. Enthusiastic

17. Excellent Communicator

18. Expert

19. Flexible

20. Formulating

21. Graduated with Top Honors

22. Handling

23. Hard-working

24. Highly-skilled

25. Innovative

26. Leadership

27. Mentoring

28. Motivated

29. Negotiation

30. Organizational

31. Out-of-the-box

32. Patient

33. Peoples Person

34. Preparing

35. Proactive

36. Problem Solver

37. Processes

38. Proven Track Record

39. Relationship Management

40. Reliable

41. Responsibilities

42. Responsible

43. Results-oriented

44. Seasoned professional

45. Self-starter

46. Strategic-Thinker

47. Strong Interpersonal Skills

48. Team Player

49. Time Management

50. Tracking

51. Value-added