Interview Guides – What Are They and Be the Candidate That Gets the Job

How many times have you gone to an interview only to stutter and stammer your way through the questions they ask about stories about your experience, ultimately costing you the potential “dream job”? The company used an interview guide to help them come up with the questions to ask you, so why shouldn’t you have one to help you prepare? In this article, we will discuss what exactly an interview guide is, how it is used to benefit a company for hiring purposes, and how this resource can be used to help you prepare for that big interview. First, let’s get to what an interview guide is.

An interview guide is a series of questions that guide an interview for a prospective employer based on corporate values and key attributes of a position. This guide helps the company to ensure that they have hired the best person for the position. If used properly, this can help you prepare and be the best person for the position! When written by a reputable source who has conducted hundreds of interviews, this type of guide can be an invaluable resource. This leads us to how an interview guide is used to benefit a company for hiring purposes.

An interview guide helps a company by curtailing hiring based on gut feelings and adding to hiring more on company values and finding out which person most fits the attributes of the position based on certain key questions that are asked. Questions asked are often about several sections like background information, whether the person can tell a complete story about core values, questions to determine whether the person matches the attributes of the position. At this point the interviewer will say goodbye to the candidate and fill out a ratings worksheet to rank the person being interviewed. This ensures that the process is fair and impartial. You may be wondering at this point, “How can an interview guide help me?”

An interview guide written by a reputable person can help someone who is looking for work land the job they are looking for by preparing them for the questions they will face in the interview process. If you have been looking for work and been getting turned down for jobs, this guide may help. When you know the questions that will be asked, you know how to answer. It is like studying for a test. You wouldn’t go and try to take a test without studying beforehand, would you? So why would you go for an interview unprepared? But how to know if this source is reputable? Look at the author. If they have worked for a major corporation and interviewed hundreds of people, if they have success with the people they have coached, that should speak for itself. Be discerning. This is for your future.

We have now looked at what an interview guide is, how it works for companies, and how it can help you get hired on to the job of your dreams. All that remains is you. Get out there and reach for the stars because the sky is the limit!