5 Tips to Become a Great Interviewer

Most people get nervous during an interview. Interviewees spend a good deal of time reading up on the company and getting ready for questions that will be asked during the interview. Like the interviewee, the interviewer also plays a great role. Their job is to weed out unsuitable candidates and select the most suitable ones. The interviewer should not be too businesslike or cold as it can intimidate the candidates. Given below are 5 tips to become a great interviewer.

1. Get Ready

Getting ready is the best way of becoming a great interviewer. What you need to do is tailor your questions so that they fit the job you are going to fill. It can be hard, especially if you work for a company where you have to conduct many interviews per week.

Also, you may want to review the information provided by each candidate. It’s a great idea to go through their resume as well as cover letters.

2. Ask open-ended questions

It’s important to ask closed-ended questions, but you may also want to prepare some open-ended questions as well. As a matter of fact, asking questions that will let the candidate give examples is important, as this will give you a pretty good idea of the capabilities of the candidate. Aside from this, these questions will let the candidate showcase their experience and skills.

3. Get ready to get off the route

While getting ready is important, you may want to be flexible. For instance, if you want to ask a specific question to a candidate, you may not want to stick to your original questions list. But you can do this as long as you think it may help you make the right choice.

4. Create a comfortable environment

Conducting interviews is not an easy job. Even the most confident candidates may get nervous. While it’s the job of the interviewee to impress you, you may want to make them feel comfortable, as this can allow them to perform better and you will know a lot about their abilities. What you need to do is let the candidates know the duration of the interview and the type of question that you will ask. Moreover, it’s a good idea to have a small talk with the candidates to make them feel more comfortable.

5. Don’t Ask inappropriate questions

Some questions can make the interviewee feel uncomfortable. While it is a good idea to see how the interviewee acts when he is under pressure, throwing hard questions at them is not a good idea.

Apart from this, if you intend to unnerve the candidate during the interview, you may not get a chance to get a feel of how much they can do. Moreover, it’s not a good thing to ask inappropriate questions.

For instance, you may want to avoid asking questions related to race, marital status, beliefs, age or sexual orientation, just to name a few.

So, these are 5 tips that can help you become a great interviewer.

Hope this helps.