This Is Not the End

This is not the end! Things will definitely get back to normal and even better sooner than you think. No situation stays permanent. It will soon pass away. What we all need now is patience, courage and perseverance to navigate through this trying period. Yes, the current pandemic and the other challenges have brought global chaos with the fear of the social and economic meltdown that will follow, or has already started with the loss of millions of jobs and businesses all over the world. Today, aviation, entertainment, sports, hospitality and other critical industries are totally shut down. Just imagine the jobs, contracts and billions of revenue already lost. I don’t want to talk about the hundreds of thousands that are already dead and their loved ones who are unfortunately and painfully not allowed to accord their departed the desired burial and last respect. Truly, these are not the best of times. Our world will never be the same again, at least in the way we interact and socialize. Too sad! May we never go through this again!

But students of history already know that this kind of global challenge will always stimulate massive landmark innovations that will permanently and positively impact humanity. Remember, it was that great depression of the 1930’s that pushed nations, especially, the likes of the United States to invent policies and programs that permanently placed them on the irreversible wheel of progress and greatness. You remember The New Deal Reforms – Social Security, the Fair Labour Standards Act, banking reforms, rural electrification and crop insurance, etc, they all came out that situation. And also the Second World War 11 that followed shortly necessitated the establishment of the United Nation (UN), International Monetary Fund (IMF), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), etc. All these innovations have made our world a better place. Or just imagine our world without them. Yes, beauty can come from the ashes and greatness out of confusion and chaos. And that is exactly what I see after this pandemic. The sudden emergence, the resilience and the massive destruction by this virus truly exposed the vulnerability of all of us including the so-called rich and powerful nations. But it will sure instigate innovations, inventions, preparations and even reparations. And as these will be going on I have no doubt that the world will also rise and say with one voice ‘Never Again!’ Never again shall humanity go through this level of pain because of the carelessness or ambition of a few. Yes, never Again!

Now, we must learn from the biblical story of the four lepers that displaced an entire army of a powerful enemy nation to save Israel. How did they do it? They said to themselves “If we sit here we will die, if we go back, we will also die. But let’s move forward. Maybe we will meet help and success.” And you already know what followed. As they were moving with faith, courage and vision, the unseen hand transmuted their footsteps and efforts into supernatural results that brought miraculous victory, success and monumental riches not just to them, but to the entire nation of Israel. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t sit there or go back in frustration.Move forward. Keep moving! Every effort you will make from now will be successful. Imbibe the spirit of courage and resilience through this period. The sun will shine again! You will not sink or float, but swim to victory and success. Remember that challenges are just opportunities in disguise. And that every challenge, including this one is a potential platform for invention and breakthrough.

Gabriel is the author of the books / audiobooks: Never Again, Move Forward, Power of Midnight Prayer, Uncommon Success and many others k=Gabriel+Agbo&I=audible&ref=dp_byline_sr_audible_1